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How Should I Prepare for a Solo Retirement?

POSTED ON: October 12, 2023 BY: Kyle Krull
Solo retirement requires financial planning. Most people will be single in retirement at one point. Why? Some people live their entire lives single. As married couples age, one spouse typically outlives the other. "Gray divorce" is also growing in prevalence. According to a recent Go Banking Rates article titled "Why Every Woman Needs To Plan […]
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IRA mistakes

How Costly are IRA Mistakes?

POSTED ON: September 13, 2023 BY: Kyle Krull
It is easy to make mistakes with IRA investments. There are often tradeoffs when comparing costs versus benefits. With IKEA furniture, you trade the time and frustration of assembly for the convenience of easily packing the entire piece of furniture into a vehicle. Consequently, it is not uncommon for mistakes to be made along the […]
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Does Divorce Disqualify You from Spousal Benefits?

POSTED ON: August 24, 2023 BY: Kyle Krull
Social Security can be impacted by divorce. People have many different thoughts, feelings, and opinions about Social Security. For some people, this program IS their only source of retirement income. Even those who do not need Social Security still expect to receive monthly benefits because of the payments they made into the system while working. […]
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Single seniors

How Vulnerable are Single Seniors?

POSTED ON: May 3, 2023 BY: Kyle Krull
It is easy for single seniors to feel completely alone. Although people benefit from some “alone time,” they also benefit from time with others. Social support enriches life and can provide greater security. The Bible even acknowledges the vulnerability of widows and orphans. According to a recent Forbes article titled “Essentials for the Solo Ager,” single seniors […]
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Why Do Women Need an Estate Plan?

POSTED ON: April 21, 2023 BY: Kyle Krull
Women often have different needs than men. At the most basic level, their very biology and physiology are different. Women and men are not the same. It is part of God's grand design for human beings. Women and men often have personal, cultural, and social differences. For example, women often feel they need greater vigilance […]
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Single parents

Can Single Parents Prepare for Incapacity?

POSTED ON: April 17, 2023 BY: Kyle Krull
Single parents cannot afford to neglect estate planning. Parenting is a significant responsibility. For single parents, the roles of provider, mentor, teacher, and protector rest solely on their shoulders. Although losing any parent is tragic to children, the death of a single parent often leaves them orphaned. According to a recent The Orange County Register […]
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Chicago man

How Did a Chicago Man have 119 Heirs?

POSTED ON: January 20, 2023 BY: Kyle Krull
A Chicago man left a large estate to extended family by default. Some people are unassuming millionaires. By looking at them on the street, they are indistinguishable from the average person. Upon their death, others are often surprised to find these individuals amassed significant wealth. According to recent Block Club Chicago article titled “A Chicago […]
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Do I Need a Life Insurance Beneficiary?

POSTED ON: January 3, 2023 BY: Kyle Krull
Failing to name a life insurance beneficiary can cause significant problems. The end of one year and the start of another year is often a time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. People often reminisce about happy memories and hard losses. These reflections can inform the goals people make for the […]
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Who Can a Widow Look to For Help?

POSTED ON: December 28, 2022 BY: Kyle Krull
A new widow may require help from experts. Losing a spouse is never easy. It is heartbreaking to no longer have your best friend and partner. This is true whether you have been married months or decades. The death of a spouse means loss of present and future love and companionship. According to a recent […]
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Life stage

Does Life Stage Impact Estate Planning?

POSTED ON: November 11, 2022 BY: Kyle Krull
Estate planning needs vary according to age and life stage. People change throughout their lives. Perhaps you have noticed this. Not only do we grow physically from infancy to adulthood, but new goals and priorities also develop. These influence choices within various areas over our lifespans. According to a recent The Seattle Times article titled […]
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