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Do Your IRA Beneficiaries Align with the SECURE Act?

POSTED ON: April 16, 2024 BY: Kyle Krull
The SECURE Act took away the option for a lifetime stretch IRA in estate planning.
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Estate Plan

Why Does the Average American Need an Estate Plan?

POSTED ON: March 14, 2024 BY: Kyle Krull
Creating an estate plan is valuable for the average American not just the super wealthy.
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Young adults

Can Estate Planning Help Young Adults Navigate Their Futures?

POSTED ON: March 12, 2024 BY: Kyle Krull
Estate planning extends beyond the elderly or the wealthy. Young adults should not wait to start their estate planning.
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Life insurance

How Can Life Insurance Work With My Estate Plan?

POSTED ON: February 8, 2024 BY: Kyle Krull
Life insurance is a versatile estate planning tool - much like a Swiss Army Knife. Estate planning requires more than a life insurance policy. A life insurance policy does not designate guardians, executors, or financial and healthcare agents. A last will and testament, trusts, and power of attorney documents are required to provide these protections. […]
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Estate planning attorney

Why Work with an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney?

POSTED ON: January 25, 2024 BY: Kyle Krull
Not working with an experienced estate planning attorney is a risky business. Some people are risk-takers. They enjoy the thrill of adrenaline pumping through their veins as they push the limits. Extreme examples include those who free-climb mountains or skydive. Others are more cautious and calculated. They prefer understanding and controlling as many variables as […]
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Estate Plan

Why Should I Create an Estate Plan in 2024?

POSTED ON: January 19, 2024 BY: Kyle Krull
Having an estate plan should be a priority in 2024. At the start of a new year, many people reflect on the past and set goals for the next twelve months. For many, this involves dusting off the old dumbbells to "get fit." Others may elect to "shop the perimeter" of the grocery store to […]
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End-of-life planning

What is Involved in End-of-Life Planning?

POSTED ON: January 10, 2024 BY: Kyle Krull
End-of-life planning requires certain documents to be signed and in place. Few people enjoy sitting and pondering their own mortality (death), let alone morbidity (incapacity). In addition to considering basic existential questions, many people also have practical inquiries about their personal responsibilities. What will happen to my family? Will my spouse and children have enough […]
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Sandwich generation

Why Does the Sandwich Generation Need Estate Planning?

POSTED ON: January 4, 2024 BY: Kyle Krull
Members of the sandwich generation must juggle responsibilities on multiple fronts. The "sandwich generation" is a term used to describe those who care for aging parents while raising their own children. Although people have cared for family members across generations for thousands of years, those in the sandwich generation still face many unique challenges and […]
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Living trust

What are Pros and Cons of a Living Trust?

POSTED ON: December 28, 2023 BY: Kyle Krull
A living trust can provide greater control over asset distribution. People like to be in control. It provides comfort in predicting outcomes. It also minimizes the negative impact other people can have on us. The problem? Complete control is an illusion. Humans are affected by weather, natural disasters, car accidents, governments, and even other individuals. […]
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Pour-over will

When Should I Have a Pour-Over Will?

POSTED ON: October 9, 2023 BY: Kyle Krull
A pour-over will can help tie up loose ends. Revocable Living Trust-based plans work as intended when the trust is funded. Some assets are placed in the trust while the trustmaker of the trust is alive. Other assets are intentionally left out or simply forgotten - more commonly, the latter. According to a recent Coeur […]
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