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Legacy planning

What Legacy Planning Steps Should I Take in 2024?

POSTED ON: March 21, 2024 BY: Kyle Krull
Take action early in 2024 to maximize opportunities for reaching financial and legacy planning goals.
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Estate Plan

Why Does the Average American Need an Estate Plan?

POSTED ON: March 14, 2024 BY: Kyle Krull
Creating an estate plan is valuable for the average American not just the super wealthy.
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Tax exclusions

What Should I Know about Gift Tax Exclusions in 2024?

POSTED ON: March 7, 2024 BY: Kyle Krull
Estate planning and tax planning actions should be taken now to maximize tax benefits of wealth transfer.
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Family trust

Why Would Someone Use a Family Trust in Estate Planning?

POSTED ON: February 27, 2024 BY: Kyle Krull
A family trust is used to support multiple family members. Not all families are the same. I have seen more than 3,000 enter my office over the last 30 years. Some have close relational bonds. Others are affected by trauma, addiction, and broken relationships. Whatever the story, I see how my clients want to protect […]
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Adding a child to a home deed

Is Adding a Child to a Home Deed Okay?

POSTED ON: February 21, 2024 BY: Kyle Krull
Adding a child to your home deed can trigger unintended consequences. People tend to choose the easiest option at the moment. Sometimes, selecting this option is harmless, like grabbing the first shirt in your dresser drawer. Other times, it can be the best option for you, like hiring a plumber to fix the sink rather […]
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Transfer property

How Do I Transfer Property Efficiently?

POSTED ON: February 15, 2024 BY: Kyle Krull
People must transfer property to others when they die. All humans come into this world with nothing of their own. Toys, clothes, and food are provided to them by their parents or gifted by other family and friends. As individuals go through life, they may purchase a vehicle, a home, furniture, jewelry, and art. Bank […]
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Endowed Scholarships

How Are Endowed Scholarships Created and Maintained?

POSTED ON: February 13, 2024 BY: Kyle Krull
Endowed scholarships can benefit your estate and hard-working students. Scholarships are beneficial in paying for higher education. Unlike student loans, these do not need to be paid back. Whether they are awarded for academic achievement, athletic prowess, or a specific heritage or area of interest, scholarship awards reduce the financial burden of pursuing a degree. […]
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Life insurance

How Can Life Insurance Work With My Estate Plan?

POSTED ON: February 8, 2024 BY: Kyle Krull
Life insurance is a versatile estate planning tool - much like a Swiss Army Knife. Estate planning requires more than a life insurance policy. A life insurance policy does not designate guardians, executors, or financial and healthcare agents. A last will and testament, trusts, and power of attorney documents are required to provide these protections. […]
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Estate planning attorney

Why Work with an Experienced Estate Planning Attorney?

POSTED ON: January 25, 2024 BY: Kyle Krull
Not working with an experienced estate planning attorney is a risky business. Some people are risk-takers. They enjoy the thrill of adrenaline pumping through their veins as they push the limits. Extreme examples include those who free-climb mountains or skydive. Others are more cautious and calculated. They prefer understanding and controlling as many variables as […]
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Living trust

What are Pros and Cons of a Living Trust?

POSTED ON: December 28, 2023 BY: Kyle Krull
A living trust can provide greater control over asset distribution. People like to be in control. It provides comfort in predicting outcomes. It also minimizes the negative impact other people can have on us. The problem? Complete control is an illusion. Humans are affected by weather, natural disasters, car accidents, governments, and even other individuals. […]
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