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Financial Fraud

How is Cognitive Decline a Risk for Fraud?

POSTED ON: May 2, 2024 BY: Kyle Krull
Vigilance of loved ones and estate planning protections are key to safeguarding those with cognitive decline from financial exploitation and fraud.
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Marital Trusts

Who Can Benefit From Marital Trusts?

POSTED ON: December 19, 2023 BY: Kyle Krull
Marital trusts protect couples and their families. Family gatherings are common during the holidays. For some, these are fairly simple logistically and emotionally. Loved ones live nearby and get along reasonably well. For many, the time is filled with stress around scheduling and relationship dynamics. It can be hard enough to manage holidays between the […]
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Advance directives

Why Would I Need Advance Directives?

POSTED ON: December 12, 2023 BY: Kyle Krull
Advance health care directives are a vital component of incapacity planning. It never hurts to be prepared. This statement rings true whether you are studying for a test, dressing for the weather forecast, or getting food ready for family gatherings. Preparation is also necessary for unexpected events like accidents, injuries, or illness. In short, the […]
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Could Depression Increase My Risk of Dementia?

POSTED ON: October 20, 2023 BY: Kyle Krull
Depression may be linked to dementia. The brain is a powerful organ. Through various neural networks, it supports the entire body by regulating breathing and heart rate and encoding memories and information. When the normal function of your brain is affected, so is your mental and emotional well-being. According to a recent MedPage Today article […]
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Olive oil

Can Olive Oil Reduce Dementia Risk?

POSTED ON: October 18, 2023 BY: Kyle Krull
Eating olive oil could reduce the risk of dementia development. What people eat impacts their health. We all know that, right? After all, you are what you eat. The negative health effects of processed foods are widely known. While more natural foods tend to have better nutrients for supporting general health, some are recognized as […]
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Heartburn medication

Can Heartburn Medication Raise Dementia Risk?

POSTED ON: September 11, 2023 BY: Kyle Krull
Dementia risk could be increased through consistent use of heartburn medication. Despite extensive medical research, there is still much to learn about dementia and Alzheimer's. Scientists have found that environmental factors, lifestyle choices, and genetics play a role in developing these brain diseases. Genetics is the least capable of being addressed, even though you "can't […]
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Can Those with Dementia Improve Sleep Quality?

POSTED ON: July 27, 2023 BY: Kyle Krull
Dementia can make sleep challenging. The effects of dementia on those who have it are highly disruptive to daily life, let alone those who provide care for them. Most people are primarily aware of how dementia makes people forgetful and can change their personalities or temperaments. Caregivers often have more intimate knowledge of the challenges […]
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Will Medicare Cover New Alzheimer’s Drugs?

POSTED ON: July 19, 2023 BY: Kyle Krull
A new Alzheimer’s prescription may soon be covered by insurance. Alzheimer’s affects many people. Those with the illness experience changes in memory, personality, and temperament. Family and friends of those with the disease must watch their loved one slowly slip away. Ongoing research continues regarding the prevention and treatment of the disease. According to a […]
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Does the MIND Diet Prevent Dementia?

POSTED ON: June 15, 2023 BY: Kyle Krull
Diet and dementia development may be connected. What people eat is essential to their health. Yes, I am a master of the obvious. Foods can provide necessary nutrients as well as calories for sustaining energy levels. Some foods have little to no nutritional value. Many are "processed" foods from a bag or box instead of […]
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Sleep drug

Can a Sleep Drug Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk?

POSTED ON: May 31, 2023 BY: Kyle Krull
A sleep drug may have preventative effects against Alzheimer's disease. Watch any drug commercial, and you will note prescriptions have side effects. A lot of them. Some sound worse than the benefits provided by the drug! In some instances, people find taking a drug for one health condition can sometimes help with other symptoms or […]
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